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I am a multidisciplinary designer/creator. As a father I find myself raising a family in a rapidly changing world faced with many potential manmade and natural disasters which has led me to embark on a life mission to work on and develop natural disaster preparedness strategies and technologies.


To date I have directed my efforts to address the following concerns:

  • Climate change
  • The rise of sea levels
  • The increase of natural disasters
  • Population growth
  • Inadequate infrastructure planning


Since 1996, I’ve used design principles to conceptualise life saving strategies. More recently, in order to transform these ideas into reality, I have pursued a degree in higher education. In 2016 I graduated from  Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver B.C. with a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design. Throughout my studies I researched and developed natural disaster preparedness strategies. I found that the most important asset to enhance preparedness is educating people on the means to save themselves and others.


My motto is - Preparedness is the key for survival.



The Ark Project Initiative is an unified initiative with three distinctive components designed to research natural disaster preparedness strategies and to promote preparedness in education, wayfinding and shelter. The Ark Project has evolved from Sie Gal’s “Systems Design” graduate thesis project conducted at Emily Carr University from 2015-2016, that researched new technologies in disaster management

Since this time the project has drawn together a multidisciplinary group of professionals and academics united by a goal to generate and integrate life saving strategies for vulnerable communities.


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